About El Centro Chicano

Juana Alicia at Centro Chicano

El Centro Chicano, a vibrant student center, supports students academically, personally, socially, and culturally.

Within the Chicano and Latino community there is great diversity of backgrounds, aspirations, and sociopolitical views which adds to the richness of our collective experience. El Centro Chicano enhances this diversity, as well as Stanford’s cultural and intellectual life, by providing valuable resources to students and community members. El Centro’s programs provide Stanford students the opportunity to explore Chicano and Latino culture, history, and traditions.

Through advising and referrals, El Centro’s professional staff helps students make the most of their academic career at Stanford. Students are able to make connections with the local community, become involved in services programs, find mentors for research and/or career related endeavors, organize educational programs for the greater Stanford community, or develop a new organization. Through the academic enrichment and recognition programs, the center also helps students excel at Stanford. Most importantly, El Centro Chicano has effectively transformed a once dimly lit basement into the rich, cultural, center that has respectably become a “home away from home” for la familia de Stanford.

Please visit El Centro Chicano’s site at http://elcentro.stanford.edu/


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