About the Artist

Juana Alicia, Artist

Juana Alicia has been painting murals and teaching for thirty years. Her sculptural and painted public works can be seen in Nicaragua, Mexico, Pennsylvania and in many parts of California, most notably in San Francisco. Her work is associated with the greatest artistic and political achievements of the Chicano movement. She has a large body of public work in San Francisco, and has also painted in Mexico, Cuba and Central America.

Juana Alicia has taught at Stanford University, U.C. Santa Cruz, U.C. Davis and San Francisco State University, and is currently full time faculty at Berkeley City College, where she founded and directs the public art program entitled True Colors. Dedicated to the development of young artists, she co-founded and co-directed the San Francisco Early Childhood School for the Creative Arts and the East Bay Center for Urban Arts. Through her teaching, she has helped to foster several generations of young muralists and activist artists.

Detall, "La Llorona's Sacred Waters", Juana Alicia ©2004.

She works in many media, including traditional acrylic murals, true fresco, mosaic tile and ceramic relief sculptural murals. Her recent public commissions SANARTE at U.C.S.F. Medical Center, SANTUARIO (with Emmanuel Montoya) at the San Francisco International Airport, LA LLORONA’S SACRED WATERS at 24th and York Streets in the Mission of San Francisco, and GEMELOS (with Araiza) at the Metropolitan Technical University in Mérida, Mexico. This was one of two murals created during her Fulbright Fellowship in Mexico. Her newest completed work, a bas relief mural entitled, HUEHUETLATOLI: WISDOM OF THE ELDERS, is currently slated for installation at University and Sacramento in Berkeley, California.

Detail of Elder from Huehuetlatolli Mural, Juana Alicia ©2008

She is recognized for the power of her style and content. She is the founder and director of the True Colors Mural Program in Berkeley, (http://truecolorsmuralproject.wordpress.com/) , a project of Earth Island Institute and Berkeley City College, where she teaches.

True Colors Mural, "Collective Consciousness", YMCA-PGE Teen Center, Berkeley, CA, ©2011, Berkeley City College and Earth Island Institute.

She is currently designing a new mural, inspired by Latina/o indigenous literature for Stanford University’s Centro Chicano.


2 responses to “About the Artist

  1. marty westby

    Juana, you are very accomplished, powerful, embracing and sharing of your talent. Lovely site.

    • Thanks so much, Marty. It’s been a pleasure getting to know you, and I hope you will be able to make it to the Stanford inauguration on November 9th. More details to follow on this site.


      Juana Alicia

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