New Name for El Centro Chicano Murals: THE SPIRAL WORD: El Codex Estánfor

Codex del Centro, Watercolor Panel for Centro Chicano de Estánfor, 18.7″ x 126.75″, Juana Alicia ©2012, World Rights Reserved.

As you may know, my new mural series for the Centro has now been installed, and the final panels for the last of the four walls (pictured above) has now been put in place. Inspired by Latin American literature and history, the works now have a title, given by California Poet Laureate, Juan Felipe Herrera.  The title is The Spiral Word: El Codex Estánfor. Hope you can join us for the upcoming inauguration at El Centro Chicano on November 9th at 12:00 noon.

Hallway at Centro

VIEW OF HALLWAY, Centro Chicano, Stanford University. Suite of 4 murals:, CODEX DEL CENTRO (frieze), MAYAN SCRIBE, NOPAL DE RESISTENCIA (ceiling), and RAICES DE LA VOZ (frieze), Juana Alicia ©2012.


Mayan Scribe Print

Mayan Scribe Print, detail of Murals for Centro Chicano of Stanford University,Juana Alicia ©2012, World Rights Reserved.


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